Monitor activities

This topic describes how to monitor activity on Secure Web Sessions


As a SWS administrator, you can view a history of activities that have been performed in Secure Web Sessions. You can filter activities by time frame and activity type, and search for specific details such as user, log in name, policy name and more.

The Activities page refers to actions performed in the SWS portal, For user activities within protected application sessions, go to the Recordings page. For more information, see Monitor sessions.

View activities

To view the Secure Web Sessions audit log of activities, go to Secure Web Sessions portal > Activities page.

In the Activities list, expand any activity to see more details. The following details are displayed for each activity:




The date and time of the recorded activity.


The user who triggered the activity. Secure Web Sessions triggered activities are listed under system user.

Activity type

The activity type. For details, see Activity types.


Additional information about the activity.

Activity types




Tenant logged in

Tenant updated


Settings updated






Policy configuration updated

Policy default security layers updated

Policy deleted

Policy loaded

Policy members security layers updated

Policy status updated






User invitation created

User deleted

User joined

User logged in

User role updated

User status updated

User username updated

Session Control rules





Session Control member rules updated

Session Control rule created

Session Control rule deleted

Session Control rule members updated

Session Control rule updated