Manage members

This topic describes how administrators can view and manage users, groups and roles.

View member details

In the Secure Web Sessions portal, click Identities > Users.

The Users list displays an overview and the status of each user. You can search for users by role and sort the lists according to columns.



Full name

The users full name.


The role of the user; either Admin or Auditor as defined


The username of the user as defined in CyberArk Identity.

Last session recording

The date and time when an application session was last recorded for this user.

Mobile app version

The version of the CyberArk Mobile app that this user installed.


The users current status.

  • Activated - The user can log in to Secure Web Sessions.

  • Deactivated - The user cannot log into Secure Web Sessions, but still exists in Secure Web Sessions.

  • Users - Data about the users; actual users vs. total about of subscriptions. And the percentage usage of your subscription.

  • Expiration date of your Secure Web Sessions license.


Toggle between views by clicking the Change View button.

Remove application members

Application members are removed from the CyberArk Identity Admin portal. For details, see Add or remove users to and from provisioned applications.