Deploy the browser extension

This topic describes how to deploy the Secure Web Sessions browser extension on your company users endpoints.


The Secure Web Sessions browser extension is used to capture the user activities within an application session.

The Secure Web Sessions extension is validated by the service as a required authentication factor before providing access to the intended application. If it is not there or disabled, this access is prevented.

Before you begin

The Secure Web Sessions browser extension is supported in the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (any version released in the last six months)

  • Microsoft Edge (chromium) version 107.0.1418.42 (Official build) (64-bit)

Download the Secure Web Sessions browser extension

The SWS browser extension can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store or from Microsoft Edge Add-ons.

Download source


Chrome Web Store

Microsoft Edge Add-ons

Deploy the extension on managed devices and browsers so that you can upgrade and manage the browser in-line with your Enterprise company standards, as well as prevent removal by the user from their endpoint.

Browser extension indicators

When the Secure Web Sessions extension is installed on your web browser, an extension icon is added. When a step recording begins, the icon changes to .

Download SWS extension logs for an application session

You can download logs, and copy the session ID, via the SWS extension for better supportability and troubleshooting of SWS extension browser level actions.

You can also enable verbose logging for capturing additional information. This might include Personal Identifiable Information (PII) not recorded by default in SWS logs.

If you're using the CyberArk EPM integration, you can download the session logs for integration actions.

To download the SWS extension logs or SWS - EPM integration logs, click the extension icon and click Download log.