The SSH Keys Platform

Use the Unix Via SSH Keys platform as a template for creating your own SSH Keys platform, with customized key size, format, and encryption.

Duplicate the Unix via SSH Keys platform, as described in Add a new platform (duplicate), and specify the following properties in the Generate Key section:

Property Description


The format of the private SSH key.

Default: OpenSSH


The size in bits of the generated key.

Valid values: 1024, 2048, 4096 and 8192

Default: 2048


The type of encryption used to generate the SSH key.

Valid values: RSA and DSA.

Default:  RSA.


The number of seconds that the CPM waits for the key generation process to finish.

Default: 90 seconds


The path of the public key on the target machine.

Default:  ~/.ssh/authorized_keys


Determines whether or not the public SSH key file is created automatically during reconcile processes if it doesn't exist on the target machine.

This is not relevant for SSH keys that were provisioned as a result of a discovery process.