PSM Connectors


PSM connectors are used to enable users to connect to target machines. CyberArk may choose not to provide maintenance and support services for PSM connectors with relation to any of the platforms and systems which have reached their formal End-of-Life date, as published by their respective vendors from time to time. For more information, contact your CyberArk support representative.

PSM connectors enable users to connect to target machines. This is done on a platform-by-platform basis, and affects all the accounts that are associated with the platform.

During PSM installation, a series of supported PSM connectors are created. You can use these connectors with the default settings, or you can customize them by changing existing parameters or adding additional parameters manually.

For details, see Connection Components

In addition, you can develop Custom Universal Connectors or download connectors from the CyberArk Marketplace and then deploy them to your environment, as described in Deploy PSM Connectors.