PAM - Self-Hosted includes out-of-the-box PVWAPSM connectors that allows Vault users to administer the Vault using the PVWA through PSM. PSM includes out-of-the-box connection components for both the new v10 and the classic v9 login pages.

This connector is based on the Web applications for PSM.


This connector requires .NET Framework 4.8. If you are using an older version of the PSM, .NET Framework 4.8 must be installed on the PSM machine as well.

Install the Browser

On the PSM machine, install one of the supported browsers and configure it. For details, see Configure the Browser

Configure AppLocker

Configure AppLocker to enable the installed browser to run. For details, see Configure PSM to connect to Web applications.

Connection Component settings in PVWA

The Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) connection components are based on the Secure Web Application Connectors Framework. For a list of parameters that are relevant to the web connection component, see Web applications for PSM.

These parameters are in addition to the general parameters that are common to all connection components. For a list of general parameters, see Connection Component Configuration.