Manage the CyberArk License

The license that you will receive before you install the Vault server determines how many users, passwords, and files you can store in the Vault. In addition, it determines groups of user types and the different interfaces that each type can use.

By default, the Vault issues a warning one week before the license expires, and every day after that until the license expires. The Vault can also be configured to issue notifications when predetermined percentages of licensed users have been created.

Monitor the user license

The LicenseUsageAlertLevel parameter in DBParm.ini determines when notifications will be sent to predefined recipients with information about license usage

This parameter defines three thresholds for license usage percentage, which is determined by the number of users of each user type that are defined in the Vault. When the number of licensed users reaches the specified percentage thresholds, notifications are sent to predefined recipients.

When the first percentage threshold is reached, a notification is sent to recipients, and likewise when the second specified threshold is reached. When the third threshold is exceeded, a notification will be sent each time a new user is added.

The following example shows the default setting for the LicenseUsageAlertLevel parameter:


Using the above example, a notification will be issued when 85% of the maximum number of licensed users has been added to the Vault, and another notification will be sent when 90% of the maximum number of licensed users has been added. When 99% of the maximum number of licensed users has been added to the Vault, a notification will be sent each time another user is added.

Each time a notification is sent, a message will be written in the ITALog.

This notification is enabled by default immediately after installation. For more information about configuring notifications, refer to Email notifications.

Report License Usage

The License Capacity report contains information about the licensed user types and objects in the Vault. It enables users to see the maximum number of licenses for each user type or object, and the number of used licenses for each one.

Only user types and objects that are limited by the license are displayed in this report. Predefined Vault users and groups are not included in the license usage.

Install a New License

If you receive a new license from your CyberArk representative after you have installed the Vault, you can install it without having to reinstall the Vault. This license can be installed either from the Vault machine or from a remote machine.