Manage dependent accounts

This topic describes how to create, edit, and delete dependent accounts.

What are dependent accounts?

Dependent accounts are accounts that represent resources, such as Windows Services or Windows Scheduled Tasks, that are accessed from a target machine, and require the same credentials as the target machine. Dependent accounts may also be referred to as usages or service accounts.

When changing a password, the CPM synchronizes the target account password with all other occurrences of that password in the related dependent accounts. The following dependent accounts are supported:

Windows Services

Windows IIS Directory Security (Anonymous Access)

Windows Scheduled Tasks

Configuration Files

Windows Registry

Database String

Windows IIS Application Pools

Web Application Accounts

Windows COM+ Applications

Private SSH Keys

For more information about customized support for additional platforms, contact CyberArk support.

The following diagram shows the procedure that is carried out when the CPM changes and synchronizes passwords in accounts on Windows services.

Account usages.png

Create a dependent account

After you create a target account, you can created related dependent accounts for it.

To create a dependent account:

  1. In the PVWA, on the Accounts page, select the target account to which you want to add the dependent account.

  2. On the Account Details page, in the right pane, select the relevant dependency type, and then click Add.

  3. On the Add Dependent Account page, enter the required information, and then click Save.

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