Digital Vault Server


CyberArk may choose not to provide maintenance and support services for the CyberArk Digital Vault Server with relation to any of the platforms and systems listed below which have reached their formal End-of-Life date, as published by their respective vendors from time to time. For more details, contact your CyberArk support representative.

Minimum requirements

The Digital Vault server requires an Intel Pentium IV (or compatible) processor or later.

To ensure maximum protection for the sensitive data inside the Digital Vault Server, the server is designed to be installed on a dedicated computer in a clean environment with a supported .NET framework that does not have any additional software installed on it.

Supported platforms

The Digital Vault server is currently supported on the following platforms:

Windows Server 2016 Standard English Edition
Windows Server 2016 German Edition
Windows Server 2016 Japanese Edition

Windows Server 2016 Japanese Edition only works with Standalone Vault and Disaster Recovery Vault deployments. Cluster Vault, Distributed Vaults, and Cloud deployments are not supported.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition
Windows Server 2012 R2 English/German Edition

Software requirements

.NET Framework 4.5.2

Certificate requirements

  • The SSL Certificate requires a Base-64 encoded X.509 SSL certificate
  • The SSL Certificate requires both Server authentication and Client authentication Enhanced Key Usage values
  • The SSL Certificate Chain requires a Base-64 encoded X.509 SSL certificate
  • The SSL Certificate Issuer Chain requires a Base-64 encoded X.509 SSL certificate
  • The Signature Algorithm of the SSL Certificate cannot be RSASSA-PSS
  • To use Session Management in Distributed Vaults, Subordinate or Intermediate certificates cannot be used for the Vault

Supported LDAP directories

The Privileged Access Security solution provides standard LDAP v3 support and has been tested and certified with the following directories.

This list may be updated frequently as additional directories are certified. Please contact CyberArk Customer Support for information about additional directories that are not mentioned in the list above.

CyberArk component compatibility

Distributed Vaults compatibility