Multiple PVWA installations

This topic describes the requirements and setup when working with multiple PVWA installations in either a single Vault environment, or Disaster Recovery Vault environment.

Multiple PVWAs in a single Vault environment

A single Vault can work with multiple instances of PVWA that are installed on different machines and which access the same Vault. This is true for a single Vault environment and for a Disaster Recovery Vault environment, and enables you to work with high availability or load balancing scenarios. In both scenarios, the same PVWA version must be installed on all machines.

Load balancer requirements

  • The load balancer must not alter page content, or it should include a mechanism to prevent pages from being altered.

  • The load balancer must not alter the application path hierarchy (leave the default application path as it is).

  • The load balancer must support 'sticky sessions'.

Configure the PVWA to work with the load balancer

  • In the web.config file, for the LoadBalancerClientAddressHeader parameter, enter the HTTP Header field name from which the PVWA reads the client IP. For more information, see the LoadBalancerClientAddressHeader parameter in PVWA Parameter File (Web.config).