Install the Primary Vault Site in a Cluster Environment

This topic describes how to install the Digital Vault as the Primary site in a cluster.


Ensure that your CyberArk license includes a High Availability Cluster so that you can install the CyberArk Digital Vault as a cluster. For more information about the CyberArk license, contact your CyberArk support representative.

The following diagram shows the work flow for installing the Digital Vault as a cluster on the Primary site.

The steps in the installation work flow are:

  • Perform the pre-install tasks - before installing the Digital Vault cluster, configure the servers, network cards, and storage as described in Primary-DR pre-install Tasks.

  • Create the Digital Vault cluster - install the Digital Vault application and the Disaster Recovery application on node A, and then on node B.

  • Test the cluster - Verify that the installation was completed correctly, and that the Primary site cluster is functioning as expected.


Use the host machine administrative user to install the Digital Vault.

Verify the pre-install tasks

Before beginning the Vault cluster installation, review all the pre-install tasks and verify that the host machines are fully prepared according to the guidelines and instructions in Primary-DR pre-install Tasks.


Don't continue to the next part of the Vault cluster installation until you've completed this step and restarted the machines. If the host machines haven't been prepared correctly, the Vault cluster installation won't be successful and you'll have to re-install the server operating system on each machine.

Install the CyberArk Digital Vault cluster

To install a Digital Vault cluster, you have to install both the Digital Vault application and the Cluster Vault Manager.

Step 1: Install node A of the cluster

Step 2: Configure node A

Step 3: Install the Disaster Recovery application on node A

Step 4: Prepare the configuration data

When the Vault is installed in a cluster, there is configuration data that must be identical on both nodes. Before you install the Vault on node B, you must prepare the needed data so it can be applied to node B.

Step 5: Install node B of the cluster

Step 6: Configure node B

After installing the Vault on node B, you must apply the configuration data that you prepared after you installed node A. In addition, you must also configure the Vault cluster using the ClusterVault.ini file.

Step 7: Install the Disaster Recovery application on node B

Test the CyberArk Digital Vault cluster

Reset the DR user

During the installation process, the DR user is configured for the client with the password provided by the installer for the main user. This procedure syncs the password on the server side.