Configure PSM to connect to Web applications

You can connect transparently through PSM to web sites and web applications using a Web browser.

For configuration details, see Web applications for PSM.


If you are using the automated installation script, this step is partially done during the Post-installation stage.

Configure PSM to run web applications

  1. Log on to the PSM machine as an administrative user.

  2. If the value of $SUPPORT_WEB_APPLICATIONS is not set to $true rerun the hardening script with the value of $SUPPORT_WEB_APPLICATIONS set to $true.

Deploy the dispatcher

Configure the Browser

Use the relevant procedure for your browser:


Internet Explorer

Active X applications

For ActiveX applications, install the required ActiveX from the web application site.

Depending on your organization's GPO policies, it may take several hours for this configuration to be applied. If a user invokes a web form dispatcher connection client during this time, the connection will fail on the first try, but will work on subsequent tries.


If the target web application uses an HTTPS certificate or any other certificate, make sure that the certificate is properly installed and valid on the PSM machine.

Test the connection

Log on to the PSM server as an administrative user. Verify that you can open the browser and access the login page of the target web application.