Change the PSM Server ID

Each PSM server in your environment has a unique ID that identifies it. These IDs are listed in System Configuration’s Privileged Session Management parameters, under Configured PSM Servers. By default, the ID of the first PSM server that was installed is PSMServer.

  • If you run the automation scripts, the IDs of subsequent PSM servers are randomly generated.
  • If you manually install PSM, the IDs of subsequent PSM servers are PSM-<computer name>.

You must not change the password object file names of PSMServer or PSMAdmin.

The following procedure describes how to change the default ID that is allocated during installation to suit your environment or organization conventions.

Change a PSM Server ID

1. Update the Server ID in the PVWA system configuration:
a. In the PVWA, click ADMINISTRATION to display the System Configuration page, then click Options; the main system configuration editor appears.
b. Expand the Privileged Session Management section, and then expand Configured PSM Servers.
c. In the list of configured PSM Servers, select the PSM Server whose ID you want to change.
d. In the Properties pane, set the value of the ID property to the new Server ID.
e. Click Apply to apply the configuration changes immediately,


Click OK to save the changes and display the System Configuration page.

2. Update the Server ID on the PSM server machine:
a. On the PSM server machine, display the PSM installation directory. By default, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberArk\PSM.
b. Open the basic_psm.ini file and update the PSMServerId parameter. Specify the new Server ID.
c. Save the basic_psm.ini file and close it.