Phase 4 – Rapid risk mitigation

In the fourth phase, organizations develop a roll-out plan, identify a small group of accounts that will be used as a “pilot,” identify (or create) a group of test accounts for each group and identify issues and update the roll-out plan as needed.

Step 1: Load and Verify

Step 2a: Rotate Credentials

Step 2b: Isolate & Monitor

This should be done in conjunction with Step 2a. The Rotate Credentials process is not dependent on the Isolation & Monitor process, since they are separate modules. While accounts are being managed, organizations can include high value asset credentials that will benefit from CyberArk Privileged Session Manager and CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics, further expanding the credential boundary.

Step 3: Standardize for production roll-out

During this phase, additional primary groups will be rolled out per the updated roll-out plan. Management functionality, workflows, and permissions should be confirmed along with the solution design—and analysis performed on the use cases/requirements for the next phases based on organization’s roadmap. Organizations will receive review and advice on resolving gaps in the architectural design, solution design, and implementation phases of the project.



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