Identity Administration Release Notes

Release 23.6 (available June 02, 2023) introduces the following changes.

See Identity Administration Release Notes - Previous Versions for changes in previous releases.

What's new

The following new features are now available.


New features for SSO



New operations on API to filter additional attribute value

You can now search for specific values associated with application attributes by adding an operator to the new API GetAllAppsForCustomAttribute. Additional attributes assist with application governance. Adding an operator to the API acts as a filter and improves the accuracy of the search results. The available operators are OpEqual, OpNotEqual, OpGreaterThan, OpLessThan, OpGreaterThanEqual, OpLessThanEqual, OpLike, or OpNotLike. See Add additional attributes for applications for more information.


New features for platform



Export dynamic users

You can export dynamic roles and receive results in an email. You can choose from active users or all users, and select from an Excel or CSV format. See Create roles for more information.

In the Identity Administration portal, go to Roles, select a dynamic role, and click Members > Export Users where you can select options for the export results.


New features for authentication



MFA Out of Band Authentication Challenges report

This built-in report provides a view of message delivery through out-of-band devices using SMS, email, and phone call. You can sort the report for a specific time period.

Secure Web Sessions

See What's New for details on upgrade notes specific to SWS.

Identity Compliance

See CyberArk Identity Compliance Release Notes for details on upgrade notes specific to Identity Compliance.

Improvements and behavior changes

This release includes the following product improvements.

Identity Administration portal

Improvements to Identity Administration portal features



When selecting users in the user list, only relevant actions are available for the specific user types.

When selecting the InstallerUser service user, the only action that is enabled is the Set password action. When selecting the InstallerUser service user with any other interactive user, no actions are available.

Foreign language support

Improvements to language support features



Identity Administration now supports Polish language for the User Portal and Mobile (iPhone and Android).

Users can select the language in the User Portal > Account > Personal Profile > Language drop-down list.

The Polish language is supported for the widgets interface and email templates in the Admin Portal.

Certain labels and text, such as backend error messages, are displayed in English for the User Portal and Mobile.

See Foreign language support for more information.

Component versions

The following table lists the latest component versions.



Identity Administration


Identity Security Intelligence


Browser Extension - Chrome


Browser Extension - Edge Chromium


Browser Extension - Firefox




System requirements

See System requirements and supported browsers for more information about browser and device support.