Organize your applications

This topic describes how to organize the layout of your applications in your User Portal. By default, the Apps screen lists all of your web applications. You can change the layout and organization of the User Portal with built-in filters and user-defined tags.

Tags display at the top of the User Portal as tabs.

Tabs in the User Portal is an early access feature. Early access features are fully-supported features made available on a case-by-case basis by request. Early access features might see more frequent updates compared to GA features. Contact your account representative to enable tabs.

If your organization enabled tabs, tabs based on existing tags display in the User Portal.If the tabs feature is not available, only content related to managing tags through Application Settings is relevant.

Manage tags

You can create your own tags for organizing the applications. For example, you could create a tag to show just the applications you use to store files in the cloud, and another to show just the applications you use to make travel arrangements. You could also create a tag called "favorites" to pin favorite applications to your User Portal.

Create and assign a tag

You can create and assign tags from Application Settings or by adding new tabs and dragging apps to the tab.

  1. Click the settings icon associated with the application you want to configure.

  2. In the Tags field, either select an existing tag using the drop-down menu, or start typing to create a new tag.

    An application can have multiple tags. If you want to apply another tag to the application, repeat this step.

  3. Click Save.

    Repeat this procedure for all of the applications you want to appear under the same tag. Tags that you create here override the default application grouping defined by your system administrator.

  1. Select New tab, then enter a name for the tab.

    The tab's name must not be empty or match an existing tab. Tab names are not case sensitive.

  2. Drag an app tile to the new tab to apply the tag to the application.

    You can apply multiple tags to an app by dragging it from the All Apps tab to each tab that you want to add it to.

    If you drag the app from one user-defined tab to another, the previous tag is replaced with the new one.

  3. (Optional) Verify the new tag in Application Settings.

Remove a tag from an application

You can use Application Settings or tabs to remove a tag from an application.

  1. Click Application Settings on the application that you want to configure.

  2. In the Add Tags field, click X for the tag that you want to delete.

  3. Click Save.

    If you delete all tags from an application, the application reverts to the default grouping defined by your system administrator.

Drag the app tile from the tab representing the tag to the All Apps tab. This removes the tag representing the previous tab.

Delete a tag

You can delete tags by deleting the matching tab.

You can't delete built-in tabs (for example, All Apps and Shared Apps).

To delete a tag

  1. Hover over a tab, click the vertical ellipses, then click Delete.

    A confirmation prompt displays if you have apps in the tab you want to delete.

  2. Click OK at the confirmation prompt.

    The tab is removed and the tag is removed from any apps in the tab. Those apps are still available from the All Apps tab.

Rename tabs

Rename tabs as needed to easily find your apps. Renaming a tab renames the tag for every app in the tab.

You can't rename built-in tabs (for example, All Apps and Shared Apps).

To rename a tab

  1. Hover over a tab, click the vertical ellipses, then click Rename.

  2. Update the tab name, then press Enter or click anywhere else on the screen.

Change the application layout

The CyberArk Identity User Portal lets you change the layout of your applications so you can quickly find and launch apps. For example, you can change the default app filter and display the filtered apps in groups.

To change the presentation of apps

  1. Click the Settings icon.

    The Settings and Preferences window displays.

  2. Update settings and preferences to change the presentation of apps in your User Portal to fit your needs, then click Save.

    Use this setting...

    To do this...

    Default Filter

    Change the default filter for the next time you log in to the User Portal.

    App Layout

    Change the app layout between Grouped and Grid.

    Grouped organizes apps according to categories created by either your user tags or your admin. See Create and assign a tag for more information about user tags.

    Grid shows all apps in a grid layout.

    Icon Size

    Change the size of the app icons.

    App Title

    Show or hide the app titles.