SparkPost SAML Single Sign-on (SSO)

This topic describes how to configure SparkPost for SSO using CyberArk Identity .

SparkPost is a predictive email intelligence platform. SparkPost unifies email delivery with email deliverability analytics.

Supported SSO methods

You can configure the following SSO methods:

Method Description
IdP-initiated SAML SSO Configure SSO to enable your users to access SparkPost through the CyberArk Identity User Portal.
SP-initiated SAML SSO Configure SSO to enable your users to access SparkPost directly form the web application.

Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • You have a SparkPost account

  • You have CyberArk Identity users for SSO

Configure CyberArk Identity SSO for SparkPost

Step 1: Add the SparkPost app to the Identity Administration portal

  1. Go to Admin Portal > Apps > Web Apps and select Add Web Apps

  2. In the app catalog window, search for the SparkPost app and select Add. Confirm that you want to add the application.

  3. Close the app catalog window to go to the SparkPost app configuration page.

Step 2: Add permissions to the SparkPost app

  1. Go to the Permissions tab

  2. Select the users, groups, or roles to assign to the SparkPost app. Select Add.

  3. Select Save.

Step 3: Enable Single Sign-on in your SparkPost account

  1. Log into your SparkPost account.

  2. In the top-right corner, select your username and select Account Settings from the list.

  3. From the Account Settings page, select Provision SSO

  4. Enter the following data in the Provision Single Sign-On page:

    Element Description
    Step 1: Callback URL

    Enter one of the following callback URLs:



    Step 2: Security Aessertion Markup Language (SAML)

    From the SparkPost Trust > Identity Provider Configuration page, select Download Metadata File .

    Upload this file in Step 2.

  5. Select Provision SSO

  6. From the Account Settings page, select Enable SSO

Step 4: Manage single sign-on users in SparkPost

  1. Select Manage single sign-on users from the Account settings page.

  2. Invite new users to your SparkPost account. SSO is enabled by default.

  3. If you have existing users, select the user, and select Enable single sign-on for this user

    Be sure to add permissions to the SparkPost app for existing or new users .

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