Inbound Provisioning from UltiPro

You can provision user data from specified external systems (for example, a web-based Human Capital Management system) to supported directory services using inbound provisioning. The external system is considered the data source, while a directory source known to Idaptive Identity Service is the target. The following table indicates support for data sources and targets.

Source Target
UltiPro AD

You can define synchronization schedules to synchronize user data from those systems. It's also possible to edit certain user attributes in AD and write those values back to the external systems.

Before you start configuring inbound provisioning to AD targets, confirm that you have done the following:

  • Installed the Idaptive Connector.

    The Idaptive Connector is required to provision users to AD target directories.

    See Install an Idaptive Connector.

  • Stored the domain administrator account to Idaptive Identity Service.

    This step is only required if the Idaptive Connector is not run by a domain administrator. See Manage domain administrative accounts.

  • Populated the relevant user data in your data source.