What’s new in version 21.10

This topic lists the features that are introduced or enhanced in CyberArk EPM in version 21.10.

What’s new in this release?

Who should install this version

CyberArk recommends that all customers upgrade EPM agents on endpoints to version 21.10 to benefit from the latest features and enhanced security.

Behavior changes






macOS agent


macOS agent installation now requires 'full disk access' during the installation, and not as a post installation step.


macOS agent

Monitor SIP files

EPM macOS agent always monitors SIP applications located under /system/applications/*, regardless of whether the "monitor SIP files" parameter in the Agent Configuration page is set to “No”.


Windows agent


The installer accepts the configuration file name without the full path. The installer looks for the config file in the current directory, both in manual and CLI installations.



Policy targeting

Improved default policy targeting is now available in all sets.

Bug fixes

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Known issues

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Previous versions

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