Deploy the HTML5 Gateway for PSM

You can configure PSM to provide secure remote access to a target machine through an HTML5 gateway. The HTML5 gateway tunnels the session between the end user and the PSM machine using a secure WebSocket protocol (port 443). Rather than opening an RDP connection, the end user requires only a web browser to establish a connection to a remote machine through PSM.

Live session monitoring, by an authorized auditor, is also performed through the HTML5 gateway.

Secure access through HTML5 requires running an HTML5 gateway Docker container on a Linux server. For this, the gateway uses a software called Apache Guacamole.

Each PSM server can be configured to work with an HTML5 gateway. Multiple PSM servers can work with the same gateway or with different gateways. When an end user connects with an account, the PVWA redirects the connection through the gateway that is configured for the PSM server.