Supported Integrations

The following integrations are available.

Secure DevOps Tools

Ansible Secure secrets in Ansible with DAP
Jenkins Retrieve secrets from DAP for use in Jenkins
Puppet Configure DAP on client machines with Puppet
Terraform Inject secrets from DAP into Terraform manifests

Secure PaaS and Containerization

Cloud Foundry Integrate CF applications with DAP
Kubernetes, OpenShift, and GKE Integrate Kubernetes and OpenShift applications with DAP
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Integrate PCF applications with DAP


AWS IAM Authenticator Authenticate with the AWS IAM authenticator
Kubernetes Authenticator Authenticate with the Kubernetes authenticator
LDAP Authentication Authenticate DAP users against an LDAP directory
LDAP Sync Import LDAP directory users and groups into DAP
OpenID Connect (OIDC) Authenticator Authenticate with the OIDC authenticator


Splunk Forward DAP audit events to Splunk

Privileged Access Security

CyberArk Vault Synchronizer Integrate CyberArk EPV with DAP
TrueApplication Access ManagerDynamic Access Provider11.1