Authenticator Status Webservice

The Authenticator Status (status) webservice enables you to check the status of your authenticator. Using the the Authenticator Status REST API, you can send a RESTful request and receive a response identifying if the authenticator configuration was successful. If not, the reasons for the error are returned.



Configure the status webservice

Before you can check authenticator status, you must configure the status webservice.

Make sure you have the Conjur CLI (v7.0.1+) installed and that you are logged in. For details, see Set up the Conjur CLI.

If you have an earlier version of the Conjur CLI installed, adjust the commands used in this procedure accordingly. For details, see Conjur CLI (Docker-based).

Authenticator Status API

Once the status webservice has been properly configured and the relevant user groups have been given permissions to access the status webservice, the users in those groups can check the status of the authenticator.

For more information, see the Authenticator Status REST API.