Get bulk account upload result

This method returns the result of the bulk account upload, which is identified by the ID of the bulk account upload. When the upload has finished, the API returns the result. The result contains a list of all the accounts that succeeded or failed to upload.


Only the user that created the bulk account upload can receive the result of the upload using this API.


  • Make sure there are no spaces in the URL.

  • The following characters are not supported in URL values: + & %

  • If the URL includes a dot (.), add a forward slash (/) at the end of the URL. For example: api/Safes/MySafe/Members/

Resource information

HTTP method

Content type



Header parameter




The token that identifies the session, encoded in BASE 64. See Authentication.

Type: String

Mandatory: Yes

Default value: None


  "Source": "sample.csv",
  "CreationTime": 1591092699,
  "Status": "completedWithErrors",
  "Result": { "succeeded": 2, "failed": 1},
  "SucceededItems": { 
    "Total": 2,
    "Items": [
        "uploadIndex": 1, 
        "Id": 24_2, 
        "userName": "Root", 
        "address": "", 
        "safeName": "UnixAdminPasswords", 
        "platformeId": "UnixTelnet", 
        "automaticManagementEnabled": true, 
        "groupName": "UnixAdmins", 
       "uploadIndex": 2,
        "Id": 24_3,
        "userName": "Administrator",
        "address": "",
        "safeName": "WindowsPasswords",
        "platformeId": "WinDesktopLocal",
        "automaticManagementEnabled": true,
  "FailedItems": {
    "Total": 1,
    "Items": [
        "uploadIndex": 3,
        "userName" "OracleAdmin",
        "address": "",
        "safeName": "OracleAdminPasswords",
        "platformeId": "Oracle",
        "automaticManagementEnabled": false,
        "manualManagementReason": "Oracle Admin - Break Glass user error: You are not authorized to create object in safe OracleAdminPasswords" 





Free-text description of the source of the bulk account upload.

Type: string


The time the bulk action was created.

Type: date-time


The possible statuses are:

  • inProgress: the bulk upload is still processing
  • completed: the bulk upload completed and all accounts were uploaded successfully
  • completedWithErrors: the bulk upload completed but there were accounts that failed to upload
  • failed: the bulk upload process failed to run

Type: string

result (if it exists)

The summary of accounts that were successfully created or failed.

  • If the process completed, or completed with errors - returns a summary of the accounts that were successfully created or failed to be created
  • If the process failed - returns a failure error message


{ succeeded: <sum>, failed: <sum> }

{ error: <error message> }

succeededItems (if it exists)

A summary of uploaded accounts, and their ID (accounts' uploaded properties and the account ID).

Type: succeededItems - { total: <sum>, items: [<account a>, <account b> ] }

failedItems (if it exists)

A summary of accounts that failed to upload, and error details (the accounts' uploaded properties and the error details for each account).

Type: failedItems - { total: <sum>, items: [ <account a>, <account b> ] }

Return codes

For a complete list of return codes, see Return Codes.