Set up your Privilege Cloud environment

This section includes the steps and instructions for deploying and maintaining the Privilege Cloud environment.

Setup flow

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Step 1: Prepare for deployment

  1. Check security setup within your environment comply with Privilege Cloud recommendations. See Security Fundamentals.

  2. Check system prerequisites:

    • Configure outbound traffic network and port requirements.

    • Check the machine and network prerequisites for Privilege Cloud. See System requirements.

Step 2: Privilege Cloud setup

  1. Install the Privilege Cloud Connector which automatically deploys the CPM, PSM and hardening policies. See Deploy the Privilege Cloud Connector.
  2. Install the Secure tunnel and optionally:

  3. Optionally, to support Unix machines, install PSM for SSH. See Deploy PSM for SSH (Unix connector).

Step 3: Configure authentication

Configure one of the supported authentication methods: SAML, RADIUS, LDAP directory server, and apply MFA caching.

See Configure authentication methods.

Step 4: Add users

Add users based on:

Step 5: Connect to SIEM (optional)

See Connect to SIEM.