Add accounts search properties

The search functionality is available from the Accounts View page and allows end users to locate accounts easily.

Users can search for accounts according to various account properties, such as DNS, port, and device type. For details, see Search for an account. The full list of properties is listed in the Configuration Options under ConfigurationsSearch Properties.

By default, all the properties listed under Search Properties can be used to search for accounts.

You can add additional properties that can be used to search for accounts.

To add account search properties
  1. In the Privilege Cloud Portal, click Administration Configuration Options.

  2. Under Configurations, right-click Search Properties, and then click Add Property.

  3. In the Value field, enter the name of the account property by which you want to search accounts, and then click OK.

    The account property name is case sensitive. Make sure to enter it as defined, otherwise you will get an error when trying to save it.