Add accounts

This topic describes how to add privileged accounts to Privilege Cloud.

Accounts are created within a safe and assigned to an appropriate platform.

Methods for adding accounts

There are several ways to add accounts. The following table describes the methods and when to use them.


When should I use it?

Scan for accounts using Account Discovery

Discover, analyze, and provision accounts using the Privilege Cloud accounts feed feature.

Use this method to create accounts for machines that are part of an LDAP directory, like Active Directory, or exist on known Unix systems.

Start by creating a baseline, and then schedule periodical discovery scans to run automatically.

This method is available for Privilege Cloud Admins only.

Add individual accounts manually

Use this method for creating test accounts for developing workflow processes in Privilege Cloud or for one-off, specialty accounts.

Add multiple accounts from a file

When you need to upload a large number of known accounts into Privilege Cloud from an existing repository. This is especially valuable during the early stages of implementing Privilege Cloud, migrating from another PAM solution, or when onboarding a new department into the Privilege Cloud solution.


When automating the deployment of applications, servers, or other assets that contains privileged accounts, use the API to automatically provision these assets accounts in Privilege Cloud.