Add individual accounts manually

Add an account from the Privilege Cloud Portal.

To add an account:

  1. On the Accounts View page, click Add account.

  2. On the Add account page, click the system type of the account you are adding.

  3. Select the platform to associate with the account.

  4. Select the Safe where the account is added.

    You can see all the Safes to which you have permissions to add accounts.

  5. Define the account properties.

    The account type and associated platform determine which account properties are displayed. For details, see Account properties.

  6. Under Account management, automatic password management is activated by default to enable the CPM to manage the account automatically. To cancel, deactivate the Allow automatic password management toggle button.

  7. Click Add or Add account and create another.


    Creating another account restarts the Create Account wizard and saves the values for the following fields: System Type, Platform, Safe, and Username.

    The account is added to the list of accounts on the Accounts view page.

  8. If this target account has dependencies, add them. For details, see Add a dependent account