Deploy the Privilege Cloud Connector

This topic describes the tools for deploying the Privilege Cloud Connector and links to two installation flows for installing the Privilege Cloud Connector.


The Privilege Cloud Connector is a server that hosts the Secure Tunnel, PSM, and CPM and essentially manages the major functionality of Privilege Cloud.

For easier reading, this documentation refers to the Privilege Cloud Connector as "the Connector".

Installation considerations



Security and hardening

A GPO hardening policy (PSM_CPM) secures the Connector.

GPO hardening script options:

  • Connector with both CPM and PSM. Use the single-file unified GPO hardening script. runs automatically as part of the installation process and applies the GPO hardening policy settings to the PSM and CPM components when they are installed on the same machine. Learn more about Connector hardening.

  • Connector with PSM only. When installing only the PSM on a Connector machine, use the dedicated PSM_GPO package.

High availability and disaster recovery

The basic Privilege Cloud deployment requires one Connector. However, you can deploy multiple PSMs for high availability and an additional CPM to support Disaster Recovery (DR).

Maximum number of CPMs

Each environment can include a maximum of 60 registered CPMs.

Installer options

There are two installation tools available for installing the Connector:

Connector Management installer (recommended installer)

Installs the Connector and displays the status of previously installed Connectors.

  • Learn about the Connector Management abilities, architecture and user interface. See Connector Management service.

  • Install the Connector according to Install the Connector using Connector Management and its subsections.

  • Can be used only in Privilege Cloud on Shared Services.

  • To upgrade the Connector, use the Privilege Cloud installer described below. Note that a Connector installed using the Connector Management installer must also be upgraded using the legacy Privilege Cloud installer.

Privilege Cloud installer (legacy installer)

Legacy Privilege Cloud installer that installs older Connector versions.

The Privilege Cloud installer is currently used to upgrade Connectors, whether installed by Connector Management or Privilege Cloud isntaller.