Use Connector Management in an existing Privilege Cloud environment

This topic presents the options for using Connector Management in an existing Privilege Cloud environment with Connectors that were installed with the Privilege Cloud installer.

Customers with an existing Privilege Cloud environment can perform the following Connector activities:

Monitor Connector status


Connector Management monitors your system's installed Connectors and displays their status in the Connector Management display. This enables you to review their status at any time.

See Monitor your system Connectors below.

Add new Connectors, PSMs and CPMs


From now on, install any additional Connector, PSM or CPM using the Connector Management installer.

See Install the Connector using Connector Management.

About the Connector Management service

The Connector Management service is available from your ISPSS user portal, and is accessed from the service picker, as are all other ISPSS services.

The Connector Management service provides the tools for deploying the Connector Management agent on each of your Connectors to monitor their status, and to install any new Privilege Cloud Connector component you may need.

Monitor your system Connectors

To monitor your system Connectors, first deploy the Connector Management agent on your Connector, PSM, and CPM machines. You can then access the Connector Management service and review the Connector status.

Step 1: Before you begin

Update your system settings to enable the deployment of the Connector Management agent. Follow the setup instructions in Before you begin, with special attention to the following:

  • Ensure your local Admin user is assigned to an ISPSS role that has permission to run the Connector Management service: Privilege Cloud System administrator role or Connector Management Admin role.

  • Ensure your Outbound traffic network and port requirements are defined in your organization firewalls. To download the Connector Management agent, ensure you have defined the appropriate region.

Step 2: Deploy the Connector Management agent to your Connector, PSM, and CPM machines

Download the Connector Management agent and deploy it on each Connector, PSM, and CPM machine in your Privilege Cloud system. See Run the Connector Management Connector installer.

After the agent is installed on each machine, the machine appears in the Connector Management portal, together with its operational status.

Step 3: Monitor your system Connectors

  1. In the Connector Management service, click Connectors to view all installed connectors in your environment.

  2. Select the row of the required connector. The connector components are displayed together with a status indicator.

  3. Check the Status column to verify successful and active components, and check for failed components.

  4. For more information about the component, click the component row.