Privileged Single Sign-On

Privileged Single Sign-On (SSO) enables you to connect to remote systems and applications without knowing or specifying the required password or key.

Connections secured with Privileged Session Manager (PSM) provide access to a wide variety of systems, including Windows machines, VMWare machines, databases, SSH devices such as UNIX, Linux, routers and switches, Web and client applications, and more.

The Privileged Access Manager - Self-Hosted solution offers the following methods for Privileged Single Sign-On.


Description How to

PSM for Windows

Connect to any remote target securely with a standard Remote Desktop Client application like mstsc or a connection manager.

The connection from the client machine is initially established using the RDP protocol, but it provides connectivity not only to Windows machines, but to a wide range of systems and applications.

Connect through Privileged Session Manager for Windows

PSM through the Web portal (PVWA)

Connect to remote target applications and systems directly from the browser via the PVWA using configured connection components.

Connect through the PVWA

PSM for SSH 

You can connect to remote Unix servers through the PSM for SSH machine, using a native Unix user experience.

Connect through PSM for SSH