Azure Cloud Services Management

This topic describes how to connect to Azure Portal through PSM.

This connector is based on the Web applications for PSM.

  • The connector is built to work on a hardened PSM. When working on a hardened PSM, Azure triggers a question during the login process asking if the password should be saved. If this question does not appear in your environment, remove the relevant line from the WebFormFields.

  • CyberArk supports MFA. If MFA is implemented in your environment, users attempting to connect via this PSM Connector will be prompted to provide the MFA verification token in order to establish a connection.


This connector requires .NET Framework 4.8. If you are using an older version of the PSM, .NET Framework 4.8 must be installed on the PSM machine as well.

Install the Browser

On the PSM machine, install one of the supported browsers and configure it. For details, see Configure the Browser.

Configure AppLocker

Configure AppLocker to enable the installed browser to run. For details, see Configure PSM to connect to Web applications.

Connection Component settings in PVWA

The Microsoft Azure connection component is based on the Secure Web Application Connectors Framework. For a list of parameters that are relevant to the web connection component, see Web applications for PSM.

These parameters are in addition to the general parameters that are common to all connection components. For a list of general parameters, see Connection Component Configuration.


Reduce excessive cloud IAM permissions

Implement CyberArk Cloud Entitlements Manager to detect excessive permissions and generate recommendations to remediate risky access on your cloud platform. Only risky permissions are removed, resulting in least privilege for all human and machine identities while maintaining valid access for Cloud and DevOps teams.

CEM also detects unmanaged credentials for cloud entities with administrative access, enabling organizations to on-board cloud admin and Shadow Admin to PAM - Self-Hosted