Configure PSM for Specific Platforms

After setting Session Management at Master Policy level, you can customize PSM for specific platforms, according to your enterprise needs. This enables you to control privileged SSO, secure remote access for privileged accounts that are managed by that platform, and more.


To enable transparent connections, the end user’s machine must have Microsoft RDP Client 5.2 or later installed.

To enable PSM for Platforms

  1. Click ADMINISTRATION to display the System Configuration page, then click Platform Management to display a list of supported target account platforms.

  2. Select the platform to configure, then click Edit; the settings page for the selected platform appears.

  3. Expand UI & Workflows, and then select Privileged Session Management; the PSM parameters are displayed with their default values.

  4. If multiple PSM servers are installed, specify the relevant PSM server ID in the ID field.

  5. To enable PSM and PSM for SSH to use accounts that are required to initiate PSM and PSM for SSH connections without requiring confirmation, even if the Safes are configured for Dual Control, change the value of DisableDualControlForPSMConnections to Yes.

  6. Click Apply to save and apply these configurations and stay in the platform settings page or,

  7. Click Save to save these configurations and return to the System Configuration page.

    These changes will be applied the next time PSM refreshes the configuration, according to the value of the ConfigurationRefreshInterval parameter in the Privileged Session Management configuration.