PSM for SSH Syntax Delimiter-Integrated

This topic describes how to configure PSM for SSH Syntax delimiters if you have set InstallCyberArkSSHD = Integrated.


When end users connect to target machines via PSM for SSH (directly, and not through the PVWA), they use the following command:

<ssh client>  <VaultUser>>@<TargetUser>[#<DomainAddress>]@<TargetAddress>#<TargetPort>@<ProxyAddress>

The command includes the following default delimiters:

  • @ for separating required parameters

  • # for separating optional parameters

There may be cases in which you will need to change the default delimiters. See Replace delimiters below.

When should you change the delimiter?

When using a delimiter other than ‘@’ to separate the required parameters, the delimiter before the ‘proxyaddress’ parameter must remain ‘@’ and cannot be replaced.

Examples of situations when you should change the default delimiter include:

Replace delimiters

You can replace the default delimiters to separate parameters in the PSM for SSH connection command by editing the components.conf file. Each delimiter is managed with a different parameter.

You cannot use the same delimiter for both required and optional parameters.

To replace a delimiter:

  1. Open the following file for editing:


  2. Add the following parameter to the file, depending on the delimiter you want to replace:





    Example: AdditionalDelimiter=%



    Example: TargetAddressPortDelimiter=%

  3. Save the changes you made to the file.