Install PSM for SSH

Privileged Session Manager for SSH (PSM for SSH) enables organizations to secure, control and monitor privileged access to network devices. PSM for SSH is installed on a dedicated machine that has access to the Vault and to the target systems.

You will receive the PSM for SSH installation package from your CyberArk representative. This package contains the PSM for SSH installation package, as well as utilities and configuration files that are required for the installation process.

Installation Methods

The following table describes the different installation methods for PSM for SSH:



How to


The standard PSM for SSH installation installs the PSM for SSH  server and registers the server to the Vault.


You can install the PSM for SSH server without registering it to the Vault. This enables you to install PSM for SSH even if you do not have Vault credentials.

Using PSM for SSH, the Vault administrator can register the server to the Vault either before or after the installation.

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