PSM wizard installation

This section describes how to manually install the Privileged Session Manager on a server and register it in the Vault.

Run the standard install

Install the PSM server in stages

Registration tool

Follow the instructions in Registration to register the PSM server to the Vault.

Activate the Privileged Session Manager server

To activate PSM:

  1. If you did not use the default recordings folder provided by the installation , you will need to update the path to the recordings folder.

    Go to PVWA > ADMINISTRATION > Options > Privileged Session Management > General settings > Recorder settings. Update the value of the recordings folder path on the PSM machine.

  2. You need to manually start the CyberArk Privileged Session Manager Service:

    1. Go to Start> Settings > Control Panel.
    2. Select Administrative Tools > Services.
    3. Right-click CyberArk Privileged Session Manager.
    4. Select Start.