Add an account in V10 Interface

This topic describes how to add an account to the Password Vault in the PVWA.

To learn how to add multiple accounts from a file, see Add multiple accounts from a file in V10 Interface.

Add an account

  1. In the Accounts page, click Add account.


    The Add account option is only available if you have Add accounts, Update account content, and Update account properties authorization in at least one Safe.

  2. Select the type of system on which this account is used.

  3. Select the platform to associate with the account.

  4. Select the Safe where the account will be added. You will be able to see all the Safes in the Vault where you have permissions to add accounts. Users with the relevant permissions can also create new Safes.


    For platforms defined with the Allowed Safes option:

    • Users will be able to create any required Safe.
    • However, a new account cannot be created or stored in that specific Safe: this is not permitted by the platform.

    For more details, see Limit Platforms to Specific Safes.

  5. Specify the account properties.

    The account type and associated platform determine which account properties are displayed. For a complete list of account properties, refer to Account properties.

  6. By default, the account name is comprised of its properties. Activate the Customize account name toggle button to specify a customized account name.

  7. Under Additional properties, specify optional properties that further define the account and the target machine where it is used.

  8. Under Account management, automatic password management is activated by default to enable the CPM to manage the account automatically. To cancel, deactivate the Allow automatic password management toggle button.

  9. In the left pane, review the details of the account you have defined, then click Add or Add account and create another.


    Creating another account restarts the Create Account wizard and saves the values for the following fields: System Type, Platform, Safe, and Username.

Edit an account

Authorized users can change the platform that manages the account and some of the account properties.

To edit an account:

  1. In the Accounts list, locate the relevant account, and on the right side of the account line, click and select Edit.
  2. Change the account properties as needed, and click Save.

Account groups

Account groups are accounts that share a secret (password or key). The secrets are managed together whether the secret change is scheduled or initiated by a user.

For details, see Create an account group