Accounts List

The following parameters, in the Accounts UI Preferences parameters of the Web Access Options, define the configuration for the Accounts page.

Display predefined views

The following parameters determine how the predefined account views are displayed.

Configure Toolbar Actions

The following parameters, in Toolbar Actions, define the actions that can be initiated from the toolbar in the Accounts page. Toolbar actions are visible according to user permissions.

View accounts and service accounts

The following parameters, in Accounts and Usages, define how the Accounts and service account lists are displayed.

Grid actions

Each set of Grid Actions parameters defines the actions that will be available from the objects list.

Search for Accounts and Files

The following parameters define searches in the PVWA, as well as how the search results will be displayed.

Identify Accounts and Files

Accounts and files can be identified by their properties, as well as by their name, enabling you to recognize them easily. The following parameters enable you to determine the format of the account or file identifier, as well as the name that is given automatically to an account. If none of the properties that are used in the identifier are specified in the account, the account name will be displayed.

Add Accounts

The following parameters, in the Platform’s UI & Workflows parameters, determine whether or not password management activities will be performed as soon as an account assigned to this platform is added.