Disaster Recovery Users

This topic describes Disaster Recovery users.


Disaster Recovery users are predefined users that are added automatically as owners to every Safe, and only have the access rights required to replicate the Safes. These predefined DR users make it easier to replicate your data to the Disaster Recovery Vault.

A DR user must be an owner with backup permissions on all of the Safes that they might need to replicate to the Disaster Recovery site. In addition, this user must be an owner of the system Safe (only with backup permissions).


After installation, the DR user account is disabled. Before using a DR user, enable it on the Primary Vault and update the associated password.

Synchronize the credential file with the Vault

If the DR user cannot log on to the Primary Vault, the credential file may not be synchronized with the Vault.

  1. Log on to the Primary Vault with the Vault admin user.

  2. Change the relevant DR user's password.

  3. Create a credential file with the new password.

    For the DR user:


    CreateCredFile.exe user.cred Password /username <username> /password <password> /OSUsername <domain\user> /AppType DR

    For the ENE user:


    CreateCredFile.exe user.cred Password /username <username> /password <password> /OSUsername <domain\user> /AppType ENE

  4. Replace the existing credential file with the new one that you created.