PVWA pre-installation tasks

This topic describes tasks that you must perform prior to beginning the PVWA installation process.

Close applications and log on

  • Close all other applications currently running on your computer

  • Log on to Windows as the Administrator user

Run the PVWA server prerequisites script

The PVWA_Prerequisites script automates and performs the following tasks:

  • Verifies .NET version
  • Installs Web server roles, for details, see Web server roles

  • Disables IPv6

  • Configures the self-signed certificate

  • Sets IIS SSL TLS configuration

You can choose which tasks are performed by editing the PVWA_Prerequisites_Config.xml file. This file is located in InstallationAutomation/PVWA_Prerequisites.zip. By default, all tasks are performed when running the script file.

To run the PVWA_Prerequisites script:

  1. Copy the PVWA folder from the installation package to the component server, and unzip the folder.

  2. In the InstallationAutomation folder, locate the PVWA_Prerequisites.ps1 file.

  3. Open the PowerShell window, and run the PVWA_Prerequisites.ps1 file as an administrator.

Web server roles

The following Web Server roles are installed when running the prerequisites script.

  • Web-Server

  • Web-WebServer

  • Web-Common-Http

  • Web-Static-Content

  • Web-Default-Doc

  • Web-Dir-Browsing

  • Web-Http-Errors

  • Web-Http-Redirect

  • Web-App-Dev

  • Web-ASP

  • Web-ISAPI-Ext

  • Web-ISAPI-Filter

  • Web-Health

  • Web-Http-Logging

  • Web-Request-Monitor

  • Web-Security

  • Web-Basic-Auth

  • Web-Windows-Auth

  • Web-Filtering

  • Web-Mgmt-Tools

  • Web-Mgmt-Service

  • Web-Mgmt-Console

  • Web-Scripting-Tools

  • Web-Mgmt-Compat

  • Web-Metabase

  • Web-WMI

  • Web-ASP

  • Web-Asp-Net45

  • PowerShell

  • PowerShell-ISE

  • Web-WebSockets

  • NET-WCF-HTTP-Activation45