Install and configure a DR CPM

This topic describes how to install and configure a second DR CPM instance to use when the primary CPM is unavailable.

Install the CPM on the DR server

Step 1: Run the CPM prerequisites script

  1. Copy the CPM folder from the installation package to the CPM server, and unzip the folder.

  2. In the InstallationAutomation folder, locate the CPM_PreInstallation.ps1 file.

  3. Open the PowerShell window, and run the CPM_PreInstallation.ps1 file as an administrator.

Step 2: Install CPM

To install CPM using the script file (recommended):

  1. In the CPM\InstallationAutomation\Installation folder, locate and open the InstallationConfig.xml file.

  2. In the InstallationConfig.xml file, specify the following parameters:




    The name of the user running the installation.

    Valid values: Username

    Default value: Windows User


    The name of the company running the installation.

    Valid values: Company name

    Default value: My Company


    The path where CPM is installed.

    Valid values: Pathname

    Default value: C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberArk\


    Whether this is a CPM upgrade or a new CPM installation.

    Valid values: True/False

    Default value: false

  3. In a PowerShell window, run the CPMInstallation.ps1 script as Administrator.

Step 3: Perform CPM post-installation tasks

There are tasks that you must perform after you have completed the DR CPM installation. For more information, see CPM post-installation tasks.

Step 4: Harden the DR CPM server

You must harden the DR CPM server as you hardened the primary CPM server. For more information, see Harden the CPM server.

Configure the DR CPM

After installation, the CPM Service is started automatically.

To configure the DR CPM:

  1. Stop the CyberArk Password Manager Service, and set the startup type to Manual.

  2. In the Vault’s installation directory (by default, C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberArk\Password Manager\Vault), open Vault.ini, and set the value of the ADDRESS parameter to your Vault’s IP address.