PTA Server System Requirements

You will receive the PTA installation package from your CyberArk support representative.


The PTA installation package includes the required operating system and third-party updates for the CentOS operating system only.

Supported Platforms

PTA can be installed on the following platforms:

VMWare Player 6.x and above
VMWare Workstation 10.x and above
VMWare ESX/i 5.5 and above
Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V can be installed on Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Server 2012R2, or Windows Server 2016.

Supported Operating Systems

PTA as a software can be installed on the following operating systems:

  • CentOS 7.2 minimal - CentOS 7.6 minimal
  • RedHat 7.2 minimal - RedHat 7.6 minimal

Minimum Server Requirements

The minimum requirements for installing PTA on a machine are as follows:

8 Core-CPU
16 GB RAM memory
500 GB hard disk storage thin provisioned
1 network card
VMXNET3 for VMWare
Qlogic BCM5709C Gigabit Ethernet for Microsoft Hyper-V
TruePrivileged Access Security11.1