Install PTA

You can install PTA from the disk image, or install PTA as a software.

Import the PTA Disk Image

This topic describes how to import the disk image. Perform the relevant procedure for your type of software.

From the installation package, extract the file.

Install PTA as a Software

For successful PTA installation as a software, perform these procedures.

Use the following guidelines:

No Internet access is required.
PTA must be the only application installed on the machine.
On completion of the PTA installation, a reboot of the PTA machine is required.


Apply the following prerequisites on your virtual machine.

1. Use one of the following approved operating systems:
  • CentOS 7.2 minimal - CentOS 7.6 minimal
  • RedHat 7.2 minimal - RedHat 7.6 minimal
2. Set the following resources on your virtual machine:
  • 8 Core-CPU
  • 16 GB RAM memory
  • 500 GB hard disk storage thin provisioned
  • 1 network card
    • VMXNET3 for VMWare
    • Qlogic BCM5709C Gigabit Ethernet for Microsoft Hyper-V

Do not install additional software on this machine that is not related to PTA.

Installing the PTA Application

Use the following procedure to install the PTA Application on the virtual machine.

Modify the PTA server hostname

You can modify the default PTA server hostname either before or after installation. To modify the hostname, do the following:

  • On the PTA server machine, run the following command to update the server name.

    hostnamectl –-static set-hostname <name>
  • To apply the name, run the following to restart the system-hostnamed service

    systemctl restart system-hostnamed
  • Edit the /etc/hosts file to modify the hostname to the new name. Modify each line that begins with and ::1.

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