What's new

New Identity Flows versions are released and announced on a varying cadence. Occasionally, new versions that include only performance, stability and bug fixes, and do not require customer actions, are released without an announcement.

Version 23-8.1

What's new in this release?

Bug fixes



My connectors

Fixed an issue where imported connectors were not showing in the My connectors list when the flow is exported from other tenants.

Stop node

Fixed an issue in the Stop node where users were unable to select Custom Response Templates inside body parameters, under Enable custom response.

Import flow

Fixed an issue where the logo was not marked as required when importing a flow.


Fixed an issue where the form displays mandatory field errors upon loading, rather than waiting for user interaction with the fields.

OpenID Connect URL

Fixed an issue where the OpenID Connect URL was redirecting to the builder URL when the flow name has brackets.

Branch and split conditions

Fixed an issue where branch and split nodes weren't working if the branch was under a split node.

Loop condition

Fixed an issue where loop break was not working as expected.

Import connector

Fixed an issue with importing Twilio OpenAPI.

Known issues



In the flow notification section, all fields of a form may not be shown while debugging from the notification logs.

To view the objects in the notification section, map the missing form fields to a datastore object.