What is Identity Flows?

This topic provides an overview of Identity Flows.

The solution

Identity Flows is an identity orchestration tool that eliminates manual tasks and processes with the creation of automated workflows. Identity Flows offers a low-code visual editor, drag-and-drop interface with pre-built and custom connectors allowing you to connect to external applications. This enables organizations to:

  • Improve IT efficiency while allowing resources to focus on strategic tasks

  • Eliminate security risks posed by privilege creep, orphaned accounts and provisioning mishaps

  • Enable security controls of user access to strengthen response to potential attacks

The challenge

Manually collecting data and using external applications without automation allows the possibility for security threats. Using a manual process when data exists in multiple repositories can cause:

  • Decreased productivity by taking time and resources

  • Increased risk

  • Vulnerability to cyber attacks when security threats go undetected

How it works

You can create a workflow automation that:

  • Identifies the client such as an app, user, or device

  • Automatically collects data through user-input forms or an API

  • Leverages OAS-compliant API documentation to create automated workflows

  • Integrates outside web applications used by your organization