Generate built-in reports

CyberArk Identity Compliance has built-in reports that you can use to view information about decisions taken during an identity certification campaign. Built-in reports are a quick way to view campaign decisions with minimum configuration.

Report contents

You can request reports on decisions taken for specific resources over a selected time period. Reports may include the following information:

  • Certifier

  • Campaign cycle name

  • Cycle start and end dates

  • User whose access was reviewed

  • Name and type of resource

  • Actions taken and dates when actions took place

Available built-in reports

The following built-in reports are available:

Identity Compliance built-in reports
Name Description

Identity Certification - Application

Certification decisions related to a selected application

Identity Certification - Certifier

Certification decisions taken by a selected certifier

Identity Certification - Role

Certification decisions related to a selected role

Identity Certification - Safe

Certification decisions related to a selected Safe

Identity Certification - User

Certification decisions taken on a selected user

Each built-in report includes one application, certifier, role, or user. To include multiple objects in a single report, see Customize reports. The built-in report for Safes can include multiple Safes without customization.

Generate a report

To generate a built-in report for Identity Compliance:
  1. In the Identity Administration portal, go to Core Services > Reports > Built-in Reports > Compliance.

  2. Double-click the report you want to generate.

  3. When prompted, provide the required information, then click OK. Each type of report may require different parameters.

After generating a report, you can copy it to the My Reports or Shared Reports folder, then modify the report.