User and role management APIs

This topic directs you to the REST API resources you can use to manage users and roles in CyberArk Identity Security Platform Shared Services, through the Identity Administration REST APIs.

User APIs

Identity Administration API


Get All Users

Get all cloud users

Get Users

Get user information

Get cloud user details

Get user details by name

Get all cloud use details

Get user details

Get current user details

Get logged on user details

Create and manage Cloud users

Create a new user in the Cloud directory service

Add user

Change Cloud user properties

Update user

Remove a user from the cloud

Delete user

Applies or clears a cloud lock for a user

Activate user

User self password reset

Reset user password

Role APIs

Identity Administration API


Query all directory services for users, groups, and/or roles using a json query string

Get groups

Manage Roles

Create, update & delete role/group

Add members to role/group

Remove user from role/group