Install mobile applications using Company Apps

Your IT department can also deploy iOS native applications to your device for optional installation. You use the Company Apps application to install optional iOS native applications and those you did not install when you enrolled the device.

Tap the Company Apps icon to open it. The applications are organized into the following screens:

  • All: Lists all of the native applications deployed to your device.
  • App Store: Lists just the Apple App Store applications deployed to your device.
  • In House: Lists just the native applications developed and deployed by your organization.
  • Updates: Lists the applications with newer versions than the version you have installed on your device.

After you install an application, the application icon is displayed on your home screen, and status changes to “Installed” on the Company Apps application.

To install optional applications from Company Apps:

  1. Tap the Company Apps icon on your home screen.

    The first time you log in, you are prompted to enter your user name and password.

  2. Enter your user name and password.

    Your IT administrator will provide you with the user name and password you should use.

    The first time you open Company Apps, it can take up to a minute to authenticate you and retrieve the list of native applications.

  3. Select the application, tap the Install button, and follow the instructions.

  4. Tap Install to proceed with the installation.

    Depending upon the application, you may be prompted to enter your device ID and, if the application you selected is from the Apple App Store, your Apple ID and password.