Configure CyberArk Identity mobile app app lock settings - iOS

This topic describes how to specify the conditions that lock your CyberArk Identity mobile app and configure authentication mechanisms to unlock it.

To secure your CyberArk Identity mobile app:
  1. Go to Settings > Security Options, then configure at least one of the following app authentication mechanisms:

    • PIN

    • Biometric (for example, a fingerprint)

      If your device is enrolled in work profile mode, you need to set up a work profile fingerprint separately from your personal fingerprint. If you haven't set up a work profile fingerprint separately from your personal fingerprint, the CyberArk Identity mobile app asks you to set up a fingerprint when you try to unlock it.

      The location for Fingerprint settings for your work profile vary by device. You can search your phone's settings for "work profile".

  2. Go to Settings > App Lock Settings, then enable the feature using the following settings.

    App Lock Settings description



    Lock on Exit

    Locks the CyberArk Identity mobile app as soon as you exit. You will have to use one of your configured authentication mechanisms to use the app again.


    Locks the app after a specified time period elapses. Available options are:

    • Never

    • 1 Minute
    • 2 Minutes
    • 5 Minutes
    • 15 Minutes
    • 30 Minutes
    Your system administrator can override these settings.