Deploy Workforce Password Management

This section describes how you can configure Workforce Password Management for your end users.

As part of CyberArk Workforce Password Management, you can configure CyberArk Identity to store objects in your users' non-app secrets and business-related application credentials to be stored in either CyberArk Identity or the CyberArk Privileged Access Manager - Self-Hosted  (PAM - Self-Hosted) self-hosted Vault. You can configure the following objects:

  • Users' non-web app secrets (Secured Items)

  • Users' business application credentials

  • Credentials for user password applications that you configure with the All users share one name option

Enable WPM for end users

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal, then select Core Services > Policies.

  2. Select an existing policy set, or create a new one.

    Policy sets are applied to users by applying them to everybody, specified roles, or sets.

  3. Select Application Policies > User Settings.

  4. Set Allow users to add personal apps to either -- or Yes.

    This policy enables your users to add their own business or personal applications to the User Portal. In addition, users can import accounts from other password managers or import a generic .csv file.

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