Conflict resolution

The checkValueExists() method is available for use in inbound provisioning scripts to determine if a given user attribute already exists in Active Directory. Checking Active Directory to see if a user attribute already exists helps you resolve conflicts where new users in your data source have the same attributes as existing users in Active Directory. If checkValueExists() returns True, you can modify your script to create unique attribute values for your new users.

This feature requires version 20.2 or newer of the CyberArk Identity Connector. Using the checkValueExists function with previous versions of the CyberArk Identity Connector results in the error False RPC Method 'Determine User' occurred since CheckValueExists function is available only on connector versions 20.2 and above. Please update your connector version to use this function..

To resolve the conflict use the checkValueExists() function.

Method checkValueExists()
Syntax checkValueExists("AttributeName", "AttributeValue")

AttributeName is a string representing the name of an attribute.

AttributeValue is a string representing the value of an attribute.

Description Verifies whether the specified attribute value exists.
Return value Boolean + a result message.

checkValueExists("DisplayName", "MyUser")

True User exists with attribute DisplayName having value MyUser, or

False User does not exist with attribute DisplayName having value MyUser